Re-defining the Notion of What Self Pictures Are

Selfies have taken the world by storm. Everything from a hit song by DJs The Chainsmokers to memes, to even potentially defining the success of Instagram. Without the Selfie, the whole idea of pictures being taken to help create the success of sites like Instagram and others would certainly suffer from the lack of them. It’s really not a surprise that something like the Selfie Stick would be created to help make selfies all that much easier. Who would have thought that I would need a tool to help me do that but if youu want to keep up with a modern age, this is the kind of thing that you have to do.

It’s amazing how much our society has become shaped by something like the selfie. The idea that a selfie has become a meme means that it can actually become more than just a method of taking a picture but has instead become an idea. It is the thing that allows for music to be created, to become a verb and a noun, to modify our language itself. Even I have taken selfies now that selfies are a thing, but before the word was even developed we were doing so.

However, I don’t need a stick to take one. I can simply just take a selfie as I please, holding the camera at the right angle to capture myself in the photo. It certainly has helped that cameras and phones are now on device. It has made it even easier thanks to these phones becoming computer devices which are connected directly to the Internet, allowing us to upload the photos as we take them. No wonder the idea of a selfie has become so propagated, as the idea of it is able to quickly spread through the web via our phones.