Having Gaming Fun with My Son

When my son told me about a new website he had found, I asked him to show me. I just wanted to make sure that it was a safe website that posed no harm to either him or to our computer. When I looked it over though, I saw that it was as advertised. It is simply a site that has a lot of different airplane games on it, and quite entertaining ones at that. He wanted me to watch him play a few different games, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him fly planes, rescue people, and attack enemies such as zombies.

He wanted me to play a game, and I had so much fun looking through the various games. When I saw Park My Plane, I thought that would be a simple enough game to play that would also be quick. What I was not counting on was how addictive it would be. The premise is easy enough. I just had to park the different planes that were arriving at the terminal. Each one has a flag on it that lets me know which terminal it needs to go to. Once there, it needs to get emptied and then refueled, and then it is my job to get it back to the runway so it can take off again.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is at the very beginning. But, it does not stay that way. Things speed up, and more and more planes come in. I was getting quite animated trying to keep up, and my son could not stop laughing. I had to laugh too, because it was the first time I had ever gotten into a video game like that. I lost pretty fast that first time I played it, but I have mastered the art of parking planes now! I have moved on to other games with my son, and we are both having a blast playing.