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A Bachelor’s Life is for Me

Finding a place

When looking for a new place to live, I’ve always tried to use a standard set of options that I need.

Finding a place that is within two to five miles of a grocery is incredibly important as I always try to walk or bus to the store rather than drive in order to save on gas and also to avoid wasting money on ‘stocking up’ with a lot of food that will certainly go bad.


Excellent Option

Places like are excellent as they have everything that a person might need close by.

Despite the pressures from both friends and family to buy a house, I have always found renting to be better for my personal interests.


Single is great

While the majority of my friends are beginning to start their own families, I have stuck with being a bachelor. A relationship simply does not interest me in the slightest bit and I enjoy my personal freedoms, especially so in the area of finances.

It might seem a selfish and even a bitter way to live life.

Others’ Opinions

While I feel neither of these things on a personal level, I am not entirely sure how others might view me. I do my best to fill my life with friends and loved ones but I cannot imagine living the rest of my life with a single person.


Vague = Love?

Love, for me, has always been something of a vague term. I undeniably love very easily but I’ve rarely felt anything like devotion to a person. I have desires and wants which I prefer to see fulfilled – again, that can seem selfish, it just might be, but I feel as if I am a happier person because I am able to indulge in these desires as often as I want to.

Despite the difficulty of the social pressure to follow what is considered normal, I doubt I would be happy doing so.