I Got the Dream Bathroom I Never Knew I Wanted

When my husband and I purchased an old farmhouse, we liked everything about it other than the bathrooms. There are two bathrooms here, and both looked like they were last renovated when the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Rock. We were able to get the house at a really great price, which meant that we had enough money left over to look for a company that does bathroom remodeling in Bergen County NJ. It did not take long for us to find the company that we wanted to use since we were able to look at pictures online of various jobs they have done.

The main bathroom just needed to be completely gutted and started from scratch. I thought that we would be able to keep a bit of the bathroom adjoining our room, but we decided to completely gut both of them once we saw not only the different things we could do from looking at the contractor’s portfolio but also the prices were more reasonable than what we expected too. I thought that the downstairs bathroom was going to be the one that had the biggest change, but it turns out that our private bath is the one that is jaw dropping amazing.

I thought that we would end up just getting a tub that has a nice shower attachment, but we went all out since this was to be our own private bath. We knocked out the wall on the other side of the bathroom, making it a fairly large room in itself now. I have a really nice garden tub, my husband has a large shower that has a bench inside it, and we have a double vanity. We also have a very large linen closet, and it has become the dream bathroom that I never realized I wanted or needed. I would not change a thing about it now!

The Manipulation of Our Likes

Being able to buy Facebook likes might seem absurd on the surface. In actuality, it kind of. It’s a quick and dirty way to increase the perceived popularity of a specific post, skewing how users might view the poster, the post itself and how they are going to engage with it. Perhaps a user is unlikely to share a post if it doesn’t have a specific number of likes; this completely makes sense. We have an ingrained trait that encourages us to want to be popular. We want to be share those things that other people like and if enough people are liking a post, then it must be share worthy! How many of us have been fooled by this? The more that I learn about the web the more I begin to recognize that much of the content I’m exposed to his cleverly engineered for the demographic that I fall within. I don’t like it.

I’m beginning to feel like I’m not completely my own person. How do I know if I actually like something if I’m subtly engineered to want to like it based on biological impulses so ingrained that I do not recognize their impact. How affected am I when I see a post with three hundred likes over one with a dozen? Do I even compute that on a rational, logical scale or is this sort of social mathematics happening beneath the view of my ego? Should I continue being concerned about it? It’s a dangerous line of thinking to follow as the implications impact nearly everything that we engage with. Advertising is the art of convincing people that they want and or like a product. That’s the entire purpose of advertising. Here on the digitalscape it’s far more driven by game theory and social engineering.

America Needs More Smart MEters

A smart meter performs the same basic functions as your usual electricity meter. However, the former is built with a communications device that instantly provides you with information about your running power bill and other benefits that can help lessen greenhouse gas emissions. See this website to discover whether or not your energy company can provide a smart meter for your home! You don’t need to call and wait for any personnel from your power supplier to read your meter. If you want to know how much power you’ve consumed so far from your last power bill statement, this type of meter can give it to you immediately.

If you need to connect or disconnect your power supply when you’re transferring homes, you don’t need the power company’s technician to do that for you. The communication feature of this meter also helps your electricity retailer to track faster and more accurately any power outage. They’ll be able to respond to problems more efficiently. These benefits are among the reasons why some countries have been using or testing this technology. Italy has the widest smart meter deployment among all other countries in the world. Enel SpA, the country’s largest utility company, started using this device in 2000. They use a sophisticated machine that uses low voltage power line and provides power measurement and management tools. It can also be controlled by a software program for easy disconnection, whenever necessary.

With these capabilities, the power company is able to work more efficiently. They can easily change the consumer’s power plan in terms of maximum electricity, payment terms, and others immediately after the consumer requests it. They can easily detect power outage and even switch power on or off in a location without having to go to the site.Japan has also started testing metering with built-in communication functions. Their usage of smart meter technology for their power service is also part of their efforts toward higher energy efficiency level.

The Ultimate Home Theater Experience

My favorite movies have started coming on TV, and I can watch them since I’ve gotten service through http://www.cable-tv.com/time-warner-cable/. I used to go to the movie theaters a lot in my younger days, but I don’t do it as much anymore, mainly because I don’t have the money to spend on each film. Prices for movies have gone up, and so have theater food prices. I’d rather just stay at home and wait for the films to come to me. At least I’ll pay less to watch them and eat. Not to mention, I’ve made my own theater in my home, and although it isn’t as big as the real theater, it still provides a great experience.

My theater has a large screen and a projector. I thought about getting a large TV for the theater, but I decided to get a projector for that authentic experience. The projector also makes a larger image than a TV. I have theater seats with cup holders, and off to the side I have an air popcorn popper with a butter heater. It comes with its own bags. Whenever I have guests over, they always want to eat the popcorn and drink a soda. I buy the popcorn in bulk from a warehouse store, so it’s much cheaper than if I bought it in small packages.

The movie I’m looking forward to seeing the most is a sci-fi thriller that involves time travel. I’ve heard good things about it, and I love a good sci-fi movie. If the movie is as good as I think it will be, I’ll watch it again when it airs. Movies usually air 3 hours after their first showing. Maybe I’ll have a viewing party for everyone who hasn’t already seen the movie once in theaters, so there will be no spoilers.

Having Gaming Fun with My Son

When my son told me about a new website he had found, I asked him to show me. I just wanted to make sure that it was a safe website that posed no harm to either him or to our computer. When I looked it over though, I saw that it was as advertised. It is simply a site that has a lot of different airplane games on it, and quite entertaining ones at that. He wanted me to watch him play a few different games, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him fly planes, rescue people, and attack enemies such as zombies.

He wanted me to play a game, and I had so much fun looking through the various games. When I saw Park My Plane, I thought that would be a simple enough game to play that would also be quick. What I was not counting on was how addictive it would be. The premise is easy enough. I just had to park the different planes that were arriving at the terminal. Each one has a flag on it that lets me know which terminal it needs to go to. Once there, it needs to get emptied and then refueled, and then it is my job to get it back to the runway so it can take off again.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is at the very beginning. But, it does not stay that way. Things speed up, and more and more planes come in. I was getting quite animated trying to keep up, and my son could not stop laughing. I had to laugh too, because it was the first time I had ever gotten into a video game like that. I lost pretty fast that first time I played it, but I have mastered the art of parking planes now! I have moved on to other games with my son, and we are both having a blast playing.

A New Job Promotion and a New Place to Live

The company I have been with for a few years gave me a great promotion as head manager of one of our branch offices in another city. I was pretty excited about getting to move to another location on my company’s dime, but I was unsure of where I was to live. I was told that one of our employees could get find a new place for me to rent, and that they often have employees live in the Hernon apartments. I asked them to hold off on securing a place there for me until I had a chance to check it out myself.

While I was grateful that my company will pay for move in costs, I was not comfortable with someone else picking the actual place that I will live. I can be quite picky when it comes to amenities and such, and really needed to have the final say. Whatever place I would be choosing to live in needed to have some options that suit my lifestyle.

I went to the website for the apartments and found the page with photos of the complex. I was actually impressed right away. The place looked a lot like many of the newer complexes in my own city that I had my eye on. There was a photo of the complex gym that looked fantastic. Whenever an apartment complex states they have a fitness center, I always imagine it to be dreary and have a total of three exercise machines. This one had all the equipment you need!

The photos of inside the apartment won me over in the end. It had some nice design features that I often don’t see in many places that are for rent. After seeing that and knowing they had a fitness center, I called work and told them to get started on working on getting me move in there. I am really looking forward to it!

Colorado ADT Security Combined with Bathroom Safe Rooms

Things are different her where we live in Colorado now. So many people have moved here from other parts of the country. Some of them do not share the same ideas we have about community that we have with the neighbors on my street. There have been a number of break ins over the last year. We decided to call Colorado ADT security to get a home alarm system simply for its deterrent effects. The early warning feature of a home security system is nice. We have had the bathroom in each bedroom reenforced to be safe areas if there is a break in. My wife and I can go into the Master bathroom, and the kids can jump out of bed and go right into their bathrooms for safety.

Any sort of safe area is only made possible if you can get to it in time. The early warning of an alarm system makes this possible. We have done drills to make sure we know to go straight for our safe areas and lock the doors if the alarm goes off. It only takes a few minutes of training to accomplish an automatic act that could save a life. My wife and I have made it a point to grab our smartphones or tablets if they are close by and take them in the safe room with us. This way we can make sure the kids are okay. We have video cameras inside the house that we can see remotely through a secure connection on our wireless devices.

The nice thing is that none of this cost a fortune. It was all very affordable. Even the monthly monitoring is very affordable. The sturdy walls and high-strength doors for the safe areas look like regular walls and doors. No one except us even knows they are actually safe rooms.

Re-defining the Notion of What Self Pictures Are

Selfies have taken the world by storm. Everything from a hit song by DJs The Chainsmokers to memes, to even potentially defining the success of Instagram. Without the Selfie, the whole idea of pictures being taken to help create the success of sites like Instagram and others would certainly suffer from the lack of them. It’s really not a surprise that something like the Selfie Stick would be created to help make selfies all that much easier. Who would have thought that I would need a tool to help me do that but if youu want to keep up with a modern age, this is the kind of thing that you have to do.

It’s amazing how much our society has become shaped by something like the selfie. The idea that a selfie has become a meme means that it can actually become more than just a method of taking a picture but has instead become an idea. It is the thing that allows for music to be created, to become a verb and a noun, to modify our language itself. Even I have taken selfies now that selfies are a thing, but before the word was even developed we were doing so.

However, I don’t need a stick to take one. I can simply just take a selfie as I please, holding the camera at the right angle to capture myself in the photo. It certainly has helped that cameras and phones are now on device. It has made it even easier thanks to these phones becoming computer devices which are connected directly to the Internet, allowing us to upload the photos as we take them. No wonder the idea of a selfie has become so propagated, as the idea of it is able to quickly spread through the web via our phones.

Elegant and Luxurious Condos in Miami

I spent the last 40 years of my life working a job that did not give me very much satisfaction. But it paid well, and now I want to put that money to good use, and actually enjoy my life, now that I am retired. I have been considering my options for awhile, and I have decided that I would like to move to Miami. In particular, I would be interested in looking at miami beach luxury condos. I think that a condo is my best bet for finding a good place to live.

I want to get a condo that is on the high end of the spectrum, when it comes to the condos that are available in the area. I am not talking about several million dollars, if there are condos that expensive. But maybe a million would not be a bad price for something along the lines of what I am looking for. Of course, I am just throwing numbers out there right now, and to be frank, I do not have much of a clue how much it is going to cost to purchase a nice condo.

I guess that since I do not know much about the real estate market, then I should probably hire a real estate agent to help me through this process. That probably seems like the most simple route to go. I usually would try to save money, and do things on my own, but i don’t really feel like that would be the best option for me, in this particular instance. Rather, I am going to enlist some help, and try get into contact with a real estate agent soon. I am kind of eager to buy a condo soon, so that I can move in before the beginning of summer.