How Jay Cutler Trains Chest And Calves | Bodybuilding Workout

Follow Jay Cutler as he takes Kizzito Ejam through the first workout of Living Large. Implement Jay’s pro techniques for more effective ways to build your own chest and calves!
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Recently, four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler dropped by headquarters. Although he took an immense number of photos with fans and surprised callers in our customer service department, his visit wasn’t all fun and games. Jay actually came to teach—not in a training room, but in the gym. athlete Kizzito Ejam was lucky enough to be Jay’s sole student for the day. Cutler took Ejam through the first workout of his mass-building Living Large Trainer, where Kizzito was given a one-on-one lesson about the best techniques for training chest and calves.

We filmed the entire workout so you could benefit from Jay’s incredible knowledge.

You don’t have to be preparing for a bodybuilding show to incorporate Jay’s techniques and workouts into your regimen.

Jay wants you to create your own legacy, no matter your fitness goals. Learn from the master to build your best self.
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  1. To all them haters talking about this dude interrupting Jay, jay doesn't care, so why do you haters care, keep your hateful comments to your miserable self, and have a miserable life with your misery loves company, that's why your lonely, talking shitt about other people. Lol

  2. Regarding dumbells vs barbell, people hardly ever mention the spotter. Surely if you don't have a spotter it's better to go with the former option, if you're going heavy.

  3. this fucking little dude acts like hes better than jay or something wtf, fucking 4x mr olympia ,stupid ass dude shut your fucking mouth and learn from a legend

  4. No matter how big these modern day bodybuilders are but IMHO Arnold Schwarzenegger inspires awe and represents what classic bodybuilding is all about!!! He's got that heroic face which leaves others all way behind!!! Calum Von Monger perhaps is a modern era's Arnold!!!

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