Next Level Leadership Coaching | Pierre Campbell Leadership Coach The Next Level Leadership Coaching Program builds future leaders specifically young men. We focus on core qualities like Attitude, Focus, Prioritizing, Responsibility, Accountability, Goal Setting, Communication. The important leadership skills all males need to be successful in today’s society. This is a highlight of our first session where we talked about attitude and responsibility. The mission of the program is to build each young man into Next Level Leaders at home, school, and in their community.

As our young men are making the transition into the next level of
maturity I am sure that you will agree that it is important to equip them with the values and mindset that will assist them not only in achieving success but also navigating these challenging times marked by materialism, self aggrandizement, and social influence.

In an effort to assist our young leaders in addressing some of the unique trials they are or will experience in the classroom, the playing field, and the community at large it is important to help them gain mastery and accountability for the way their thoughts, actions, and attitudes impact outcomes. Please like and share this video with others who will find value in leadership development.

It’s Simple Intelligence. Let’s GO!!

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  1. Powerful video! This is The Next Level of Leadership Coaching. Helping the youth to reprogram and know that their response is their responsibility. It was so inspirational to watch you coach and challenge that young man to do the pushups. He started with a limiting belief and learned how to doubt his own doubts. You can do it!

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